Sadullah Ergin, an important step related to the Kurdish initiative

The Turkish government has declared 2010 the year of European Union reform. The Draft Judicial Reform Strategy Action Plan prepared by the Justice Ministry ensures that laws integral to the reform process will be put into effect between 2009 and 2011.

The Draft Judicial Reform Strategy and Action Plan, disclosed last week by Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, envisions implementing many long-overdue laws in 2010 that are essential to the EU accession.

Among the laws the government plans to put into effect in 2010 are the Turkish Trade Law, the Ombudsman Law and the Turkish Judges and Prosecutors Union Law. Important amendments will be to the Public Order and Security Undersecretary Law and the Turkish Citizenship law in 2010. The Public Order and Security Undersecretary’s authorities in counterterrorism will be transferred to the Ministry of the Interior. One of the first changes that will be made to the Turkish Citizenship Law will be to allow people who were stripped of their Turkish citizenship during the Sept. 12, 1980, coup d’état to regain their citizenship. This is also an important step related to the Kurdish initiative.



The fact that the Law on Political Parties, the Financing Politics Law and the Election Law and the yet-to-be-enacted Political Ethics Law are not on top of the government’s priority list has attracted attention. The government plans to reach a consensus with the opposition parties over these controversial issues to the extent that they are able to reach an agreement over the democratization package. Preparations for a new constitution are also focused on the fate of these EU-inspired bills and the amendments to current legislation. A consensus platform to emerge on the Kurdish initiative issue will enable the Parliament to amend several articles in the new constitution and EU accession laws.

According to the government’s plan, long overdue laws that are critical for the EU reform process will be implemented first. Among these are laws that are much anticipated by the economic world, such as the 1,535-itemed Turkish Trade Law, the Debts Law and the Check Law.

16 September 2009, Wednesday


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Sadullah ERGİN

Sadullah ERGİN


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