Judicial reform aimed at killing 10 birds with one stone

Judicial reform aimed at killing 10 birds with one stone

The Justice Ministry is planning to eradicate all issues stemming from the country’s troublesome legal system with a 10-part action plan for a comprehensive judicial reform to raise Turkey’s standards in compliance with EU membership criteria, a recent report prepared by the ministry has revealed

Sadullah ERGİN

Sadullah ERGİN

According to the report, the Justice Ministry hopes to actualize 10 objectives through which the independence of the judiciary in the country will be strengthened and the impartiality of legal bodies will be reinforced. The ministry’s efforts to restructure the Turkish judiciary came after three years of intensive study and extensive talks with various parties, including the European Union. The changes proposed in the “judicial reform strategy draft” will be submitted to Parliament as soon as the deputies resume sessions after the summer recess.

A report adopted by the Venice Commission on judicial appointments in 2007 noted that the direct appointment of judges by a judiciary council is clearly a valid model. “In Turkey, the justice minister and the undersecretary of the Justice Ministry are ex-officio members of the Supreme Board of Judges and Public Prosecutors; the other five members of the Board are elected by the two highest courts (Court of Cassation and the Council of State). Such presence does not seem, in itself, to impair the independence of the council, according to the opinion of the Venice Commission. However, the justice minister should not participate in all the council’s decisions, for example, the ones relating to disciplinary measures,” read the report.

Sadullah Ergin

Sadullah Ergin

13 September 2009, Sunday

Sunday s Zaman

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